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Profile of federal exams:

Vocational examinations enable professionals to deepen their knowledge and specialize in a profession after basic vocational training. Passing a professional exam requires a Federal Certificate of Competence (EFZ) or an equivalent qualification and several years of professional experience in the relevant professional field. Successful graduates receive a federal certificate, e.g. «HR specialist with federal certificate. The professional certificate is usually an admission requirement for the higher professional examination.

Higher professional examinations have two goals: on the one hand, they qualify professionals as experts in their professional field. On the other hand, they prepare graduates for running a company. How to buy fake Istituto Marangoni certificate? buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, create high quality certificate online, How to buy fake diploma? Get Eidgenössisches Diplom online.

The exams are also used by university and technical college graduates to deepen and expand their professional qualifications. Successful graduates of a higher professional examination receive a federal diploma, e.g. “Purchasing Manager with Federal Diploma”, “Certified Tax Expert” or “Master Painter”. If there is both a professional and a higher specialist examination in an occupational field, the higher specialist examination corresponds to a higher level of requirements.