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SOAS is divided into three faculties: Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Languages and Cultures, and Faculty of Law and Social Sciences which includes the SOAS School of Law. buy a SOSA master degree, buy a SOSA bachelor degree, order fake UK diploma online, Where to obtain replacement SOSA University of London iploma? buy diploma online, buy fake degree in UK, purchase a certificate from London. The university offers around 350 bachelor’s degree combinations, more than 100 one-year master’s degrees, and PhD programmes in nearly every department.

SOAS is a centre for the study of subjects concerned with Asia, Africa and the Middle East. It trains government officials on secondment from around the world in Asian, African and Middle Eastern languages and area studies, particularly in Arabic & Islamic Studies – which combined with Hebrew formed the major bulk of classical Oriental Studies in Europe – and Mandarin Chinese. It also acts as a consultant to government departments and to companies such as Accenture and Deloitte – when they seek to gain specialist knowledge of the matters concerning Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

The school is made up of nineteen departments across three faculties: Arts and Humanities, Languages and Cultures, and Law and Social Sciences. The school focuses on small group teaching with a student-staff ratio of 11:1, one of the lowest in the UK.