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Approved Board Members (HHJ) is a national training program launched in 2005 jointly by the Tampere Chamber of Commerce and Hallituspartnerit ry, which includes all chambers of commerce in mainland Finland. How much to order fake certificate, Where to buy fake University and College degree certificate? HHJ training packages include courses, degrees and national and regional alumni events. How to order fake Institute for Apprenticeships Technical Education diploma?

What is the HHJ program? The best part about it?

HHJ courses are training conducted by chambers of commerce to improve the work of boards of directors in companies and other organizations.

Issues covered in the HHJ course include:

Ownership strategy and business strategy related to board responsibilities
The role of the board of directors in the corporate strategy process
Corporate governance, ESG and responsibility
Legal Responsibilities of the Board of Directors
The added value brought by the government
Risk Management and Financial Affairs
Shareholders and Directors Agreement
Composition of the Board of Directors and Authority of Board Members
How the board of directors operates, efficiency, etc.
Cooperation and communication among board members, e.g. with owners, CEO, other management and auditors
Evaluating board work during company visits (group work; read more above)
Practical questions and discussions on the experience of board work in different organizations and the role of the board at different stages of the company.