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State University of New York Maritime College is a public maritime college in the Bronx, New York City. It is part of the State University of New York (SUNY) system. Founded in 1874, the SUNY Maritime College was the first college of its kind to be founded in the United States and is one of only seven degree-granting maritime academies in the United States.

Collegiate maritime studies offer students a chance to earn an undergraduate degree in maritime programs like:

Marine transportation
International transportation and trade
Naval architecture
Marine engineering
Marine environmental science or biology
Various other nautical sciences

These two- or four-year programs often offer students internships, grad school opportunities or post-graduation job placement, much like other collegiate programs and majors. How to buy fake Sapienza University of Rome diploma? buy fake degree, fake diploma, fake certificate, How to buy fake diploma? Buy a fake #Maritime College degree in the New York, Where to buy fake SUNY Maritime College degree? With a variety of technical skills, students can have many employment options after graduating from maritime colleges.

All of the college’s bachelor’s degree programs may be combined with preparation for the professional license as a United States Merchant Marine Officer. The college also offers a master’s degree in International Transportation Management and Maritime and Naval Studies; as well as several graduate Professional Mariner Training certificates.