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The Royal College is a national, professional association established in 1929 by a special Act of Parliament to oversee postgraduate medical education. It ensures that the training and evaluation of medical and surgical specialists attain the highest standards. Buy Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada certificate, Order RCPSC diploma certificate online. The Royal College recognizes 79 disciplines, granting Fellowships in 29 specialties, 34 subspecialties, three special programs and 13 Areas of Focused Competence.

The work of the Royal College centres around its prime objective — to ensure the highest possible standards of specialist training and specialist care. The Royal College undertakes work under the following six areas:

Prescribes the requirements for specialty education in 80 areas of medical, surgical and laboratory medicine plus two special programs,
Accredits specialty residency programs,
Assesses the acceptability of residents’ education,
Conducts certifying examinations,
Administers the Maintenance of Certification Program, a mandatory continuing professional development program for all members, and Sets standards for professional and ethical conduct among its members. How to order a replicate diploma? buy degree from Canada.

In 2014 the Royal College had more than 44,000 members worldwide, including Fellows, residents, and honorary, retired, and emeritus members. However, about 90% of certified physicians decide to become Fellows within two years of their certification.