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Rowan university was founded in 1923 in the town of Glassboro, New Jersey. Originally called the Glassboro Normal School, it was founded to train teachers. Glassboro was chosen as the site after the town offered 25 acres for the school campus and residents raised the money themselves to purchase the land. In 1997 the state of New Jersey approved a final name change, to Rowan University. Where to get a fake University of Louisville degree certificate?

Today Rowan University is a thriving public university with around 15,000 students studying a range of undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications. The college offers undergraduate bachelor’s degrees, master’s level degrees and doctoral level training in the field of education.

The main campus boasts 12 residential halls scattered among green lawns and wooded areas, streams and ponds. There are also extensive sports fields and a stadium and running track as well as a gym, bookstore and student centre.

Enrollment at Rowan from the fall semester of 2017 shows 15,401 undergraduates and 2,045 graduate students from 38 states and 34 countries. The overall admission rate is 53.0%. Undergraduates submitting statistics for a data set in 2017 had scores of 530 at the 25th percentile and 630 at the 75th percentile in SAT critical reading and 510 at the 25th percentile and 620 at the 75th percentile for SAT Math. As of the fall of 2016, the average accepted GPA was 3.46.