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The University of Fiji was established by the Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji to provide high quality, affordable higher education to students who had no access to other tertiary institutions. The University’s objectives include providing higher education relevant to Fiji’s needs, but within a global framework and to support Fiji’s development as a sustainable, peaceful, inclusive and progressive society committed to good governance.

The university offers courses up to postgraduate level in the following fields: Accounting, Economics, Management, Computing Science, Information Technology, Mathematics, Language and Literature, Fijian Language and Culture, Medicine, Law, and Hindi Language and Culture. buy fake diploma, fake degree, phony certificate, How to buy fake diploma? Phony transcript, make official transcript. How to order fake Emporia State University degree?

It includes six “Centres of Excellence”, namely a Centre for Indigenous Studies (CIS), a Centre for International and Regional Affairs (CIRA), the Gandhi-Tappoo Centre for Writing, Ethics and Peace Studies (WEPS), a Centre for Diasporic Studies (CDS), a Centre for Gender Research (CGR), and a Centre for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development.