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Founded more than a century ago as a “business academy”, the University of St. Gallen is focused on management, humanities, law, finance and political and social science, with a focus on practical education. buy fake degree, fake diploma, fake certificate, supply official transcript, How to apply for fake degree certificate online? In addition to five schools, the university has 29 affiliated research institutes, which although managed by academics, are run independently as businesses.

The city of St. Gallen itself sits between the Swiss Alps and Lake Constance, has around 80,000 inhabitants, and boasts one of the highest proportions of young people in Switzerland. The university’s campus has a view of the city, and is just a 15 minute walk to the centre. Works of art from a number of famous artists adorn the buildings, while there is also a sports hall and two crèches. How to order fake Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft, Einkauf und Logistik diploma?

When it comes to studying, the university offers a broad curriculum, and students must attend lectures in additional subjects such as history, sociology, psychology, business ethics and philosophy.

Although one of Switzerland’s smallest universities, HSG has Switzerland’s largest faculty for business administration. It is a member of the CEMS and APSIA and is EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA accredited. Its campus is listed as a Swiss heritage site of national significance. The university is owned by the canton of St. Gallen.