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Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is a professional certification credential in the management accounting and financial management fields. The certification signifies that the person possesses knowledge in the areas of financial planning, analysis, control, decision support, and professional ethics. There are many professional bodies globally that have management accounting professional qualifications. buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, fake certificate, How to buy fake USA diploma? The main bodies that offer the CMA certification are:

Institute of Management Accountants USA;
Institute of Certified Management Accountants (Australia); and
Certified Management Accountants of Canada.

What is a CMA certification good for?

CMA certification shows that an accountant has expertise in financial accounting and strategic management. This designation holds global recognition. CMAs tend to focus on corporate finance and management accounting. How long to buy fake CMA certificate? Buy a fake #CMA certificate in USA, Can I order fake CMA certificate for a job?

What are the certified management accountant requirements?

CMAs must have completed a bachelor’s degree or qualifying professional certification, plus two years of professional experience in management accounting or financial management. CMA candidates need to complete a two-part exam as well.

Is CMA designation easier than CPA?

Yes, the CMA designation is generally considered easier and less prestigious than CPA certification. For example, the CMA exam totals eight hours, while the CPA exam takes 16 hours to complete. Both certifications require similar education and work experience.

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