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Renowned for its green campus in the oldest city in the Netherlands, Radboud University counts over 20,000 students, with 1 in 9 students coming from abroad. How to order a Radboud University degree? Buy Radboud University diploma. Our personal style of teaching provides plenty of opportunities to work closely with lecturers and fellow students with a multidisciplinary approach and the flexibility to tailor programmes to your interests.

Radboud University is organized in seven faculties that offer programmes and courses in the fields of humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, medical sciences, law, management, philosophy, theology and religious studies. How long does it take to buy a Netherlands degree certificate? Each faculty is a formal grouping of academic degree programmes, schools and institutes, discipline areas, research centres, and/or any combination of these drawn together for educational purposes.

Radboud University offers 13 Bachelor’s programmes and 36 Master’s programmes fully taught in English as well as the Radboud Summer School. With more than 50 intensive academic courses at the Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD level and over 600 participants from 75 countries it is one of the largest summer schools in the Netherlands.

Radboud University is noted for its green campus, often listed among the most attractive in the Netherlands. The campus is located in the southern Heyendaal estate of Nijmegen and houses 7 faculties that conduct teaching and research. In addition to these faculties, the campus also hosts the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, a world class research centre devoted to the understanding of human language and communication. buy Radboud University bachelor degree, buy Radboud University master degree, Where to get a Netherlands diploma? make official transcript online.