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The Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg is a university located in Oldenburg, Germany. How to order a Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg degree? Buy Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg diploma, Order a University of Oldenburg degree certificate from Germany. It is one of the most important and highly regarded educational facilities in northwestern Germany and specialises in interdisciplinary and sustainable development studies and renewable energy studies with focus on solar and wind energy.

The university offers 95 courses of study. Due to the Bologna Process, in 2004 Oldenburg adopted Bachelor and Masters degrees in place of the former Diplom and Magister. The PhD program Didactical reconstruction is especially renowned, as is the research in sustainable development, encompassing several academic disciplines. The university is also allowed to confer Doctorates and oversee Habilitations.

The university is also known for its long-standing, internationally recognized energy research for over 30 years. This research involves two clusters: Materials and Systems and Networks. The Materials cluster explores fundamental energy conversion processes and their quantum dynamics in nanostructures. In contrast, the Systems and Networks cluster focuses on networking energy system components, technologies, materials, and models into large-scale systems.

The campus is split into two locations, the major one being Uhlhornsweg, where the main library, the mensa and the administration along with most of the departments is housed. Having used the buildings of the former teaching college during the first years, the main buildings of the university were inaugurated in 1982, with ongoing extensions since then, including the main lecture hall in 2001. Get a Universität Oldenburg degree, Fake Universität Oldenburg diploma for sale. Where to make University of Oldenburg diploma? The Wechloy campus, also first opened in 1982, is home to the studies of natural sciences as well as the library of natural sciences.