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The University of Seoul is a municipal public university in Seoul, South Korea. UOS is famous in South Korea for a large number of alumni working as national or municipal government officials. How to buy fake University of Regina diploma? buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, order UOS degree online, How to buy fake diploma? UOS is specialized in urban science and has top-tier programs environmental engineering, taxation, transportation engineering, urban planning and design, landscape architecture, and urban administration.

UOS is a public university funded and supported by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. Academic programs of UOS have been set to support necessities of the Seoul Metropolitan Government. Hence, UOS functions as a think-tank in formulating and supporting the major policy goals of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, along with basic research and education. UOS has a goal of becoming an international center for the urban sciences.

In 2012, UOS was ranked as one of top three among universities that do not have a medical school. According to 2015 report from The Times Higher Education, UOS ranked 7th among all the Korean universities and 49th among all the Asian universities. In another survey, UOS ranked 14th in the Asian midsize universities.