Process of Ordering London Teacher Training College Diploma.

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Based in South London, the London Teacher Training College was established in 1984 and has over the years trained a vast number of TEFL teachers from around the world. How to order a London Teacher Training College certificate? Buy London Teacher Training College degree, Order a LTTC Level 7 diploma in Teaching Enlish online, Buy LTTC diploma certificate. The college prides itself on the quality of its courses and the individual attention it provides every student who enrols.

There are now over 100 partner schools worldwide which offer LTTC teacher training programmes. Students can take our courses by distance learning or in a classroom environment.

By the time you have successful completed this course you should be able to:

Teach English as a foreign or second language online
Manage Online Conferencing Systems Create a Course Syllabus and Learner Outcomes Create Course Materials make a Course Evaluation
control Course Management
have the ability to access and manage both ready- made materials and those you have created yourself
have a portfolio of materials for a variety of lesson types
have the confidence to apply for an online teaching post at an established school
be inspired to set up your own online teaching business
The way the course works

The Dip TEO has six modules which are divided into two sections each. The first section gives a broad overview of the topic and the second section, the Online Workshop, deals with putting your teaching into practice online. The ethos of the course is learning by discovery so you will find the course challenging but this will enable you to progress independently after the course has finished. Where to get a London Teacher Training College diploma? buy UK degree, buy official transcript. As with all learning, you will keep evolving and developing your skills.